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Eike's Favorite Recipes

Welcome! It did take a long, long time, but finally, here they are: my favorite recipes for (almost) everybody to "cook along" - at least for those who have access to the Internet to download the recipes and who own a stove, a pot or two, and a few kitchen utensils.

I have prepared each and every recipe numerous times and there have always been some brave "guinea-pigs" to help me finish whatever I had thrown together. And luckily, in most cases they did it with the greatest of pleasures, phew...

That said, you will not find recipes here that didn't convince all of my guinea-pigs. Instead of finding their way to this website, these recipes found their way to the trash bin... The label "Eike's Favorite Recipe" has to be earned, right? It is not a free ticket to the plates of the world for any dish to come along. That's how I see it - and that's in everybody's best interest, don't you think?! ;-)

And this is how it works: Once a month a new recipe in English will be posted, two weeks later a recipe in German - if I find the time... All recipes are listed alphabetically in one of the following two indexes (area Inhalt/Index):

Also, you can browse the recipes by category! In the Rezepte/Recipes area, the current recipe is available through clicking on aktuelles Rezept / current recipe. The last recipe posted will be shown, if you click on last recipe for the English recipe, respectively on letztes Rezept for the German recipe.

To get back to this welcome page, simply click on Welcome! That's it - there's nothing more to it. Now you're all set to go, have fun!

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Note on my own behalf

This recipe website has been created entirely without the use of any of the web-design or similar applications that are out there. For many, many nights, I have been working on this website's concept, design, and functionality. Finally, and in countless hours of painstaking labor, I was able to put it all together - manually, using a simple text editor only. (The only exception: all graphic material. For that, of course, I was using a paint program.)

So, should you come across a link that isn't working properly, if you are displaying a page that doesn't seem to fit into the website's design concept at all, if you encounter any other suprises that don't seem to make any sense at all - I am the one to blame and I will take full responsibility. My only appology: I'm still a beginner web-designer... I guess. :-)

That said, I have a favor to ask you: If you think you have found an obvious mistake on my website, please report it to me using this e-mail link. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance. And to all of you who have already helped me improve my website, thanks again!

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